In the event of a natural disaster or emergency, Techni-Clean has the experience, knowledge and equipment to clean and restore your asset.

Facility Cleansing & Sanitation

Techni-Clean Australia are able to provide hardscape sanitation methods to your facility or grounds.

We follow best practices and all government regulations regarding the disinfecting & cleansing of all surface types. Find out how we can assist on 1800 253 254. See our Cleansing and Sanitisation page


Flood Damage

Techni-Clean is able to clean and sanitise flood-damaged assets. We use hot water and a combination of low and high pressure to remove dirt, slurry, sludge, stains and mould from internal and external industrial, commercial and residential hardscape surfaces. 

Our vehicles comply with noise, environmental and safety restrictions so that they can be used in a variety of areas. Our units are fitted with extra-long hoses, giving our Techni-Cleaners the freedom to clean areas other companies cannot access. We also have large vacuum cleaners that can remove large amounts of flood water.


Dust Storm Clean Up

Given recent weather events in NSW and the ACT, many buildings and outdoor areas are affected by dust and ash. Our qualified Techni-Cleaners can bring your asset back to as-new condition using our exclusive range of products and cleaning methodology.


Techni-Cleaners have a range of equipment at their disposal to achieve a top-quality clean. With specialised rotor-washers, hot water pressure cleaners and bristle brushes, you can be sure that we have the right tools for the job.


In addition to providing cleaning services in response to weather events, Techni-Clean provides asset maintenance solutions that reduce long-term costs associated with your investment.  Explore our Building Clean service to discover how Techni-Seal protection systems can help your asset self-clean during rain events.  


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