Graffiti Removal & Protection Professionals

Graffiti Removal

If your asset has been affected by graffiti or vandalism, Techni-Clean can respond quickly to clean the surface. We can also provide a tailored graffiti management program to make future maintenance quicker, easier and more cost effective. 

Our range of techniques and exclusive Techni-Seal graffiti removal products effectively remove graffiti from any surface. We are able to remove graffiti from timber, wood, steel and aluminium, glass, painted surfaces, reflective road signs and plastics, concrete, sandstone, brick and masonry. A long-standing partnership with Dulux enables us to utilise their colour matching technology to ensure an exact match and a seamless finish where a paint out is required. We have an accredited painter and decorator on our team to ensure that our graffiti removal operations are backed by professionalism and trade expertise.

Whether you require graffiti removal solutions for a suite of assets or an isolated instance of graffiti on your property, we are able to assist.

We also work to protect street art installations that add colour and vibrancy to our local spaces. Our graffiti protection products protect murals and artworks, enabling easy removal of any graffiti or spills that may otherwise ruin the mural or installation.


Graffiti Protection

Engaging Techni-Clean to apply one of Techni-Seal’s protection systems will protect your asset and reduce future maintenance costs. Our products can be applied to a range of surfaces, including brick, sandstone, architectural concrete and other finishes. The surface will be washed down using Techni-Clean’s cleaning methodology in preparation for the application of the protection product.

Techni-Seal’s protection systems are designed to protect surfaces from oil and water. Graffiti will be unable to penetrate the surface, making the removal process quick and easy. Another advantage of Techni-Seal products is that assets become self-cleaning during rain events. Pollutants that have settled on the surface will be washed off, ensuring your assets are always well-presented. Contact us today to discuss how our protection systems can enhance the value of your asset


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