Cleansing & Sanitisation


Update - March 2020: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Techni-Clean's Cleansing & Sanitisation processes are based off best principals for environmental cleaning and disinfection as provided by the Australian Government Department of Health. Techni-Clean's quality processes ensure that these best practices are followed and we achieve the maximum Cleansing and Sanitisation of your asset. Techni-Clean services do not include any testing for Coronavirus (COVID-19). However, if you require this level of contamination evidence we can partner with our independent standards testing team.

All of the Techni-Clean team have undertaken the COVID-19 Infection Control Training as provided by the Australian Government Department of Health. 

Cleaning & Disinfection Services


Suitable for Non-Infectious Cleaning

Techni-Clean Australia's COVIDsafe service includes a Proactive Sanitisation Regime and a 2 Step Clean and Disinfection Method, complimenting your risk management response to reducing exposure to COVID-19

2 Step Clean and Disinfection 

The 2 step method will effectively disinfect a surface from the COVID-19 virus and other potential pathogens. This service is tailored for surfaces that are visibly dirty or are not cleaned regularly and acts as preparation for the proactive sanitisation regime.

Proactive Sanitisation 

This regime is ideal as a routine risk management service and is intended to be conducted requently. It is suitable for non-infectious surfaces and environments that are regularly cleaned.



Suitable for Infectious Cleaning 

Techni-Clean Australia's COVIDresponse service includes an Infectious Clean and Disinfection Regime for sites that have been exposed to COVID-19 and potential pathogens.

It is recommended for COVID-19 positive locations. Our efficient mobilisation allows affected locations to reopen quickly and responsibly.

Infectious Clean and Disinfection 

This regime allows all infected surfaces to be cleaned using the wet touch method, either through misting or manual application. The cleaning products applied will dwell on the surface to allow maximum efficacy of the disinfection process.

After rinsing all infected surfaces, all surfaces targeting high touch points, and common areas, are disinfected to kill germs and other potential pathogens.


Assets & Surfaces We Service 

Techni-Clean Australia's services are available on both commercial and residential scales, tailored to each client's individual needs. We cater for hard surfaces and soft furnishings, targeting high touch points and common areas.

Reporting & Documentation 

Project quality records are kept electronically and can be requested at any time by the client. Records include:

  • Daily Works Records
  • Before and after image or video capture of works completed
  • Marked maps of where services have been delivered

Work, Health & Safety 

  • Techni-Clean members have completed Infectious Cleaning In Commercial Settings Course (COVID-19) and have conducted internal training on our cleaning methods and regimes.
  • Site-specific Safe Work Method Statements will be issued prior to commencement of servicesm and a Cleansing and Sanitisation Manual outlining methodologies and aftercare of your asset.
  • All cleaning frameworks and methodologies are aligned with SafeWork Asutralia best practices.

Service Benefit & Value 

Integrated Management System 

Techni-Clean Australia use tailored controls and robost systems to enable an exceptional standard of protection, cleaning and maintenance solutions for your assets. All services are compliant with our Integrated Management System, which incorporates Quality Management (ISO 9001), Health Safety Management (ISO 45001) and Environmental Management (14001) international industry standards.


All clients are issued a Compliance Certificate upon completion of services. This certificate formalises all works completed and outlines terms and conditions around the works completed and aftercare support.

Details included are:

  • Service Date
  • Project Quality Records
  • Site location and maps
  • Products used
  • Terms and Conditions


The aftercare of your asset is essential to ensure ongoing cleaning and disinfection maintenance. Partnering with clients to provide ongoing support, aftercare and maintenance is encouraged, ensuring that all assets maintain a regular cleaning and disinfection routine.

Techni-Clean Australia provides a framework for assessment, control, action and review for the client (or its representative) to implement based on site specific factors.


Your first experience with the Techni-Clean will be when operations team visit site to scope out your site and develop an obligation free proposal.  The scoping proposal will include methodology, duration, frequency, environmental and health standards to match your needs and requirements. 

Get in contact with Techni-Clean Australia to find a solution for you.
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