Techni-Seal NextGel Jointing Sand

NextGel Jointing Sand

NextGel Jointing Sand

The No Haze, Easy to Install, Long Term Solution for Jointing Sand

Techni-Clean Australia is a leading provider of Hard Scape Solutions. New to our range, is Techni-Seal's Polymeric Jointing Sand. This sand hardens when it gets wet making it ideal for pavers in heavy vehicle traffic areas or steeper than normal terrain. 

The Jointing Sand comes in a variety of colours to match your surface or to make it stand out. 
Below details some more information.

  •  The hardscape industry's leading high-duty polymeric jointing sand
  •  Backed by a 20-year warranty
  •  Optimal performances in high-humidity environments, heavy vehicular trafic areas and steeper terrain
  •  Allows for cleaner, easier and quicker jobs thanks to the Nextgel technology
  •  The best jointing product for any installation: concrete & clay pavers, natural stone, porcelain tiles, etc.
  • Installation area : Normal, Humid
  • Joint type : Regular, False Joint
  • Joint width : Less than 1”, More than 1”
  • Product type : Polymeric Sand
  • Surface level : Flat, Slopped
  • Surface type : Natural Stone, Concrete Paver, Concrete Slab, Interlocking Paver, Porcelain Tile, Wet Cast Paver
  • Coverage : Coverage power depends on paver type and joint width.

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Techni-Seal Client
Techni-Seal Client
Techni-Seal Client

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