Clean & Seal

Clean and Seal

Cleaning and Sealing will restore your asset to its original condition and reduce future maintenance costs. The two-step process involves a Product Wash and application of Techni-Seal's sealing protection system.  

A Product Wash prepares your surface for sealing by exfoliating the surface. Your asset will be completely cleaned using Techni-Seal’s pavement care products and the Techni-Clean cleaning system. Our team will prepare the surface using bristle scrubbers and clean down the area using our pivotal rotary cleaning method. This process is the equivalent of skincare for hardscape surfaces such as natural stone, pavers, concrete and architectural finishes. Your surface will be cleansed and prepared for sealing. If required, we will spot clean any remaining stains. All steps are taken to remove stains, however some shadowing may remain. 

Once we have completed the Product Wash we will allow the surface to completely dry. This can take up to 24 hours after cleaning, depending on exposure to the sun. We will then seal your surface with a Techni-Seal protective sealant. Explore the Techni-Seal product range to discover more about the value sealing adds to your asset.


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