Building Clean

ABC Building Sydney

Building Clean

Techni-Clean can clean and protect the outside of your building. This process enhances the aesthetics and reduces long-term maintenance costs of your asset.

Techni-Clean are qualified to clean the outside of buildings. Our team members are trained and accredited with licences such as Elevating Work Platform and Working at Heights so that we are able to safely provide cleaning solutions for external surfaces. Our units are fitted with extra-long hoses that enable us to clean areas that other companies cannot access.

Following cleaning, Techni-Seal’s protection system can be applied to the outside of buildings to protect and enhance your asset. Techni-Seal’s products help buildings become self-cleaning during rain events, significantly reducing your maintenance costs. Our products can be applied to a range of building surfaces, including brick, sandstone, architectural concrete and other finishes. The products also make graffiti removal in the event of vandalism quick and easy. Please contact us today to find out more or arrange an on-site test area. 


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