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Keep it Clean with a Protective Coating

Techni-Clean are your surface sealing specialists. Surface sealing provides a protective coating for your concrete, brick, tile, paving and stone. Locking in that new surface look with a protective coating also has the advantage of making cleaning a breeze for years to come. It’s the simple and effective way of preventing ingrained dirt, stains and mould. With Techni-Clean, you can choose a protective coating that provides you with the finish you want for your surface, be it matte, gloss, wet or natural. Techni-Clean has provided surface sealing services for a range of happy public and private customers. So next time you think your industrial, commercial or residential surface needs a clean, consider giving your surface a protective coating with Techni-Clean.

Surface Sealing and Protective Coatings: The Techni-Clean Way

The Techni-Clean approach to surface sealing is simple: Lock in the new look. After giving the surface a through a hot pressure clean to disinfect and kill any mould spores, our Techni-Cleaners meticulously seal the surface. This seals the new look with a protective coating that will keep the surface in prime condition for several years. In high foot traffic areas, our clients find that they require another layer of sealant applied once every 10 years. Our unique protective coating products created in partnership with Techni-Seal and Dupont have been specially designed for specific surfaces. Techni-Clean’s range of sealant products provide a range of finishes, from glossy to natural, so you can choose the finish you want with the protection you need. Sealing your hard surfaces provides numerous advantages:

  • Ease of cleaning
  • Lower maintenance
  • Improved aesthetic appeal
  • Reduction in maintenance frequency
  • Increased pavement life by minimising abrasion
  • Easy removal of chewing gum, animal fats, drink and food stains
  • Techni-Seal protective sealants are penetrating sealants that do not make the pavement slippery. Techni-Clean Australia use only Techni-Seal products in the cleaning process and this enables us to fully guarantee the products we use and the workmanship used in the application of the products.

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