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Techni-Clean are your pressure cleaning experts. We use hot water and a combination of low and high pressure to remove ingrained dirt, stains and mould from a range industrial, commercial and residential hard surfaces. Techni-Clean specialises in cleaning any hard surface including concrete, brick, tile, paving and stone. Our Techni-Cleaners are quality providers of pressure cleaning services and have been in the business for over 16 years. With specialist equipment, expert staff and superior service, Techni-Clean guarantees that you will be provided with top quality finish.

Pressure Cleaning: The Techni-Clean Way

Techni-Clean have experienced operators, specialised equipment and unique products that allow us to deliver the best pressure cleaning finish possible. Our approach to cleaning is that we clean a surface, not blast it. Our staff are trained to think, problem solve and take care in their work. That’s why you’ll find that a Techni-Clean finish is crisp, clean and has restored you hard surfaces back to looking like new.

Techni-Cleaners have a range of specialised equipment at their disposal to ensure that they can achieve a top quality clean. With specialised rotor-washers, hot water pressure cleaners and bristle brushes, you can be sure that Techni-Clean has the right tools for the job. Our vehicles have been modified to work under noise, environmental and safety restrictions so that they can be used in a variety of environments. Many of our units boast a 200m hose for pressure removals, providing our Techni-Cleaners with the freedom to enter many areas other companies cannot access.

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